Adria Silverman, LCSW

About Psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy

In general, psychotherapy is treatment for psychological  or emotional disorders. Professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists and mental health therapists  among others provide this type of treatment.  Treatment providers establish a  relationship with their clients and provide a therapeutic situation that enables them to express themselves freely. Psychotherapists provide a combination of support, empathy, compassion and direction in a steady, nonjudgmental manner. Even though psychotherapists may vary in style, their goal is to provide relief to their clients.

Different schools of thought

There are several schools of thought about psychotherapy. Each is different in their approach to the problems, the role of the  therapist and the “tools” they use. One form of psychotherapy may be as valid as  another.  A therapist may choose to subscribe to and specialize in just one school  of thought while another therapist may choose whatever school of thought fits the needs of a particular client. Whatever the school of thought, the most important element in psychotherapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist. 

Why and when to seek therapy

Usually individuals and families try to deal with their own difficulties for a while before they seek psychotherapy. As a result, they  struggle and often suffer for some time before they actually make the decision to  seek counseling. Even though seeking therapy was once stigmatized, today it is viewed as a sign of courage and strength. More and more people seek help through psychotherapy and benefit from the solutions and assistance it can provide.